Meltblown technology is one of the most important nonwoven for various industries. With our new generation Meltblown production lines we are able to process fine fibres that are thinner than human hair which also enables us to produce highly efficient filter media products as well as other technical applications. As well as market specific products, we can also adjust our Meltblown lines to produce other special products according to market requirements.

NWT Tekstil A.S.- Nonwovens & Technical Textiles

We make nonwoven Meltblown with below specifications;

  • Available in various widths up to 160cm (63’’)
  • Base weights from 15 g/m² to 400 g/m²
  • Various color options
  • Electrostatic charging for improved particle filtration
  • Additives and surface treatments to enhance fabric attributes such as, Hydrophilic, UV Resistancy, Flame Reterdant, Anti-Static, Charge Enhancers etc.
NWT Tekstil A.S.- Nonwovens & Technical Textiles
NWT Tekstil A.S.- Nonwovens & Technical Textiles
NWT Tekstil A.S.- Nonwovens & Technical Textiles

Addition to main production, we also offer converted single or multi-layer Meltblown nonwovens for various applications. With our Ultrasonic Bonding and Lamination line, we can make below products.

  • Bonded single layer Meltblown, Spunbond or other Nonwovens
  • Bonded multi-layer Nonwovens with various compositions of Spunbond + Meltblown (SM, SMS, SMM, MSM, MMM, etc.)
  • Multiple Bonding Emboss patterns for various industries are available.
Filter Media
Air Filtration
Dustbags • Medical Applications
Surgical Masks
Respiratory Masks
Oil Only Absorbents
Universal Absorbents
Chemical Absorbents
Industrial Wipes
Acoustic Insulation