Medical Applications
Medical Applications

Meltblown has important advantages and unique features in disposable face masks. Due to its fine-fibre construction, it has very high particle and bacterşal filtration capability. But not only that, it also has air permeability with low pressure drop rates. All these and specifications and more have standarts to meet for each filtration type.

NWT Tekstil A.S.- Nonwovens & Technical Textiles

We produce Meltblown for;

  • Medical and Surgical Face Masks

   Type I, II, IIR

  • Respiratory Masks

   N95, N98

   FFP1, FFP2

NWT Tekstil A.S.- Nonwovens & Technical Textiles

To enhance Bacterial Filtration (BFE) and Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE) we apply Electrostatic Charging.

We follow international standarts (EN-14683, ASTM-2100, EN-149) for each product type and regularly make performance test to ensure our products meet necessary requirements